Strahan Life: An Introduction

The day after we arrived in Strahan, we were taken to our new home for the next 6 months, a cute little two bed unit in the staff village. When we realised that we each had our own bedroom complete with double bed, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

For over a year, me and Yas have shared a bedroom and at times even a bed, so this was a big moment. We even pondered whether we would suffer separation anxiety, but I soon found that the walls were paper thin, so whenever Yasmin snores, it feels like she is right there in the room with me.


That evening, we were thrown straight into the deep end with our new jobs. Yasmin was plunged into the bustling local bar and grill whilst I was whisked up the hill to the hotel buffet restaurant, which overlooks the entire town and Macquarie Harbour.

View from the restaurant


We enjoy our jobs immensely, the people we work with are great fun and we both often find ourselves deeply engrossed in fascinating conversations with guests passing through the town from all over the world.

The physical aspect, along with split shifts, early starts and late finishes means that afternoon napping has become a bit of a habit from time to time, but this doesn’t concern us too much. After all, there is only so much you can do in a town like Strahan. When we have had the energy, here are a few things we have been up to in the last month:

The Town

Strahan is often referred to as Tassie’s ‘Wild West’. The surrounding landscape is ruggedly unforgiving and home to some of Australia’s most brutal convict history. Perched on the edge of Macquarie Harbour, for most of the year Strahan is a sleepy little fishing town of around 700. But come the silly season, a tsunami of tourists wash over the place, bumping the population up into the thousands.

Other than the booming tourism industry, things here are incredibly basic for anyone actually living here. There is one shop to buy your food and if they don’t stock what you want, your best bet is to make the 5 hour round trip to Burnie. There is also a post office, a small pharmacy and a handful of restaurants.

Nevertheless, we have fallen in love with this beautifully quirky little place.










Hogarth Falls walk in People’s Park

Hogarth Falls is a short walk located a few minutes from the town, making it a lovely way to escape all forms of civilisation without much effort at all. As we strolled along, we were surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds, buzzing insects and the trickling of water. The temperate rainforest almost encloses the path and the big, old trees and huge green ferns give it a real Jurassic Park feel. At the end of the walk we came to the waterfall, which although only small, is very pretty.





West Strahan Beach

When you stand on this little beach and look back towards the town you will see distant mountains looming in the backdrop.




Ocean Beach

Another short drive from Strahan along a dirt road is Ocean Beach, which is stretched over nearly 40km. When we visited, the sun was shining but the wind and waves were strong, making the beach more or less deserted apart from a small family and a 4×4 whizzing along the sand.







In my next blog post, I take a cruise up the Gordon River for my 27th birthday, find myself running away from the police and wake up in a puddle, so stay tuned!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann Hosking says:

    I visited Strahan way back in about 1967 when it was important to the copper, silver and gold mining operations of the Mt Lyell mines at Zeehan. I believe I went by rail from Strahan to look over the mine. The Mt Lyell mine was made famous by a mine disaster in 2012 I think. Strahan was also important during the protests about daming the Franklin. This was a major turning point in Australian politics. You are a great writer and researching into the areas past could give us all interesting reading. Enjoy yourselves.


  2. Dad says:

    Another good blog Tiggs like the easy way it flows with added humour. X


  3. bjorno83 says:

    Can’t wait for the next update!!! 🙂


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