Where I Ate: Vegan in York

I knew I would fall in love with York. Its charming streets are dotted with architectural wonders; from the grand old Minster to Britain’s most haunted pubs, every corner oozes history. I found it surprisingly compact, and within a day, we had pretty much walked around the entire city, twice.


The country town feel to York initially lowered my expectations for finding much variety when it came to vegan options, but I was soon proved very wrong! Breakfast, lunch and dinner wasn’t just easy to find; we actually had to strategise which places to include in our short, 24 hour visit.


Source was the very first thing on our minds once arriving in York. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I get particularly excited about trying new vegan breakfast food.

Although not entirely plant-based, the restaurant specialises in superfoods and vegetarian cuisine and I was pleasantly surprised to be handed their separate vegan menu once seated.

I opted for the breakfast stack, which was a delicious tower of grilled pepper, vegan sausage, a hash brown, grilled mushroom, spinach, tomato and avocado.

If I return in the future, the vegan fried chicken has got my name on it!


Brew and Brownie

Though not hugely geared towards the visiting vegan, I really wanted to drop into Brew and Brownie before my daily need for caffeine and a sweet fix overwhelmed me.

Their counter was an Instagrammer’s dream, but sadly none of these were vegan *ugly cries*.


There was one vegan sweet available; the chocolate orange cake. Though slightly on the dry side (I work for a cupcakery; I’m hard to please), the flavour was beautiful.


El Piano

Oh my! I cannot rave about this place enough! Founded in 1997, El Piano is a fully vegan restaurant boasting countless awards over the years. Thanks to numerous recommendations, I was firmly set on eating there for the evening and after perusing the menu, there was only one thing on my mind; the taster tray.

The tray was served tapas style and included almost their entire menu. My favourite hot dishes were the dhal and black bean stir fry and the four different types of fritters were insanely tasty!


Goji Cafe

Goji Cafe is a deli-cum-restaurant. The menu is entirely vegetarian with numerous vegan options, including a gorgeous selection of cakes.

We headed there out of the pouring rain in search of brunch and coffee. We both fancied something hearty and warming, so ordered the ciabatta with vegan sausage, caramalised onions and grilled mushroom. On a side note, that tomatoey sauce was dreamy.

If I wasn’t so full, I would have dived straight into their cakes!


Fudge Kitchen

Before we set off back to Manchester, we dropped into Fudge Kitchen. The shop caught my eye after I spied a vegan sign in the window (my vegan radar is like the nose of a Basset Hound nowadays). I wasn’t even sure if I liked the stuff, until I was offered a taster.

They had two dairy-free options available; traditional and chocolate and I promptly bought a block of each!

Have you visited York as a vegan? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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