9 Stunning Cheshire Walks

Since living in the county, I’ve discovered an abundance of beautiful and varied Cheshire walks. These walks have taken me through quaint villages steeped in history, along ridges boasting panoramic views as far as the eye can see, across lush, rolling pastures, into eerie ravines and amongst dense forests.

I’ve well and truly fallen head over heels for this county. I’d like to share my most memorable moments with you, so here are favourite Cheshire walks:

Three Shire Heads

Three Shire Heads is an 18th century packhorse bridge on the River Dane in which Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire meet.

Starting from Clough House Car Park, you can take a number of walking routes to reach this picturesque spot. We opted to climb up and over Danebower Hollows behind Cumberland Brook and Farm.

Farm buildings beneath hill next to stream Cheshire walks

Dead frosty leaves in the grass Cheshire walks

Stream cutting through field Cheshire walks

Hiker with backpack in the hills Cheshire walks

Dirt track leading through brown moor

We then ascended down into the secluded valley and followed the River Dane to until we reached the old bridge.

Mossy stone wall next to tree and stream in muddy field

Stone bridge over a small waterfall Cheshire walks

The walk continues on along the river, before cutting across rolling sheep pastures. It then ducks into woodland and circulates back down the road to the car park.

Old stone building in field


Wincle is a delightful little Cheshire village nestled on the edge of the Peak District, bordering Staffordshire. There are numerous walks in and around this area, including links to the Gritstone Trail, Cheshire’s famous 56km long distance footpath.

Stone cottage

Moss covered stone wall

Brown frosty leaves on the floor

Old crumbling stone building in field next to tree

We followed the River Dane and made our way up onto Wincle Minn. It looks out over the Cheshire Plain, with the hill, ‘The Cloud’ and Bosley Reservoir in the foreground. There are also views as far as the Welsh hills and even Liverpool on a good day.

Hiker looking out over the Cheshire Plain

Dirt track leading down a sloping field and views across the fields

Wooden bridge over stream in woodland

Be sure to visit The Ship Inn or Wincle Brewery as a treat after your walk – you’ll have earned it!

Lud’s Church

Parking in the car park off Gradbach Mill Lane, Lud’s Church is technically in Staffordshire. However, the area borders Cheshire and you can easily incorporate the above two walks from here.

Old mill next to river and field of sheep

Once again, the River Dane is present along this walk. It takes you through woodland, across fields and on to Danebridge, Wincle’s neighbour.

Wooden stile in woodland

Wooden gate in village

House and garden with trees

Don’t miss the historical Hanging Stone. The rocky outcropping has wonderful views over the surrounding countryside.

View from Hanging Stone over green fields

Lud’s Church is not in fact, a church, but a chasm. This Millstone Grit geological formation is blanketed with damp moss and has an eerie feel to it as you explore its depths. It was said to be a secret place of worship during the early 15th century. Keep your eyes peeled for the coin log!

Hiker inside rocky mossy chasm

Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest is the perfect place for a relaxed amble. It is popular amongst families, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders, so probably not your cup of tea if you are after solitude.

Delamere Forest Cheshire walks

As well as numerous routes for gentle strolls through the forest, there is a short, steep walk called Old Pale. It provides views over 7 counties, as well as Manchester and Liverpool’s skylines.

‘The Edge’ at Alderley Edge

Part of the ‘Golden Triangle’, Alderley Edge is one of the most expensive places to live in the UK, outside of London. There are a number of woodland walks around Alderley Edge, making it a great place to come for a refreshing country ramble, followed by some posh nosh in the village (or be a cheapskate and take a packed lunch, like me).

Cheshire walks Alderley Edge

The Edge itself is a dramatic escarpment, which overlooks the beautiful Cheshire countryside, with the city of Manchester gleaming in the distance against the far hills of the Peak District.

The Cloud at Bosley

The Cloud is a prominent hill with magnificent views over the Cheshire Plain. Parking at Timbersbrook picnic site, the walk up to the top is steep but relatively short (just a few miles).

Hiker stood on Bosley Cloud overlooking fields Cheshire walks

Whilst in the area, it is worth exploring Bosley. The reservoir especially, which was created to feed the Macclesfield canal system, has an attractive walk around its edge.

Church and graveyard

Fungi growing on a tree

Wincle Minn is also within walking distance from Bosley, if you want an alternative to parking in Wincle.

Hiker looking out over fields and reservoir Cheshire walks

Bickerton Hills

The Bickerton Hills are maintained by the National Trust and have a number of walking routes, including links to Cheshire’s 55km Sandstone Trail.

Stone steps in woodland

Here, you’ll find red sandstone, lowland heaths, charming woodlands and views across the Dee Valley to the Welsh hills.

Girl sat with backpack on hill smiling

View from top of Bickerton Hills of green fields and village

Green fungus growing on a tree Cheshire walks

Beeston Castle

Beeston Castle and Woodland Park is cared for by English Heritage and has a 4000 year history. The remains sit atop a rocky sandstone crag overlooking the Cheshire Plain. Enjoy views of the Pennines and Welsh mountains visible on a clear day.

View through castle walls of bridge and surrounding countryside

The walk up to the top is short but steep. You will need to pay for parking and an entry fee at the visitor centre.

View over green fields from top of hill Cheshire walks


Finally, one of my favourite Cheshire walks. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Matterhorn of Cheshire’, and not dissimilar to a shark fin in shape, Shutlingsloe is the third highest peak in its county. It sits just south of Macclesfield Forest on the edge of the Peak District.

Shutlingsloe walk in the Peak District Cheshire walks

You can access the hill from Trentabank car park (SK11 0NE). The walk up is incredibly steep in places, but the 360 degree views at the top are some of the best in Cheshire. On a clear day you can see the glinting skyscrapers of Manchester!

For more Cheshire walks, check out Chester, Cheshire and Beyond.

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