How to Spend a Week in Begur, Spain

The little seaside town of Begur was brought to my attention only very recently, when my friend James invited me to spend a week at his apartment there.

Spain as a country in general, has never particularly interested me (bar Barcelona, which I adore), thanks to the stereotypical Brits abroad scene, which I am embarrassed to say I was a part of back in my teens, when I ventured to Magaluf for a week of foam parties, intoxicated mechanical bull rides and one too many hits of nitrous oxide.

Nevertheless, I am not one to turn down an adventure, so it was a yes from me.

Begur perches on the Costa Brava coast a few hours north of Barcelona and has around 4000 inhabitants, although this number swells to around 40,000 in the tourist season; which, quite frankly, instills dread deep into my very core; so visiting in October meant that the majority of the crowds had vanished. Phew!

The medieval town sprawls unevenly below the remains of an 11th-century castle and dreamy views of distant mountain ranges and the glistening ocean can be seen from a number of vantage points.


Begur made me fall in love with the Spanish aesthetic; the history, the cobbled streets, the stone buildings, the balconies spilling with plants, the splashes of colour, the tiles, the narrow alley ways.

Not to mention the siestas, people watching in the square with something either caffeinated or alcoholic, eating dinner at midnight and dowsing everything in olive oil as if I were about to set it alight.





Though I think I could have quite happily spent my entire time eating my weight in fresh tomatoes and garlic smushed onto olive oil-soaked bread and taking naps, there was plenty to see and do in and around Begur. Here’s what I got up to during my week in the Spanish sun:

Hike the coastal paths

Begur has multiple walking trails, all of which link up the different coves, beaches and towns. To figure out which distance and difficulty level is best for you, click here.


Visit the medieval town of Pals

Just a few miles from Begur is the charming little medieval town of Pals. Pals’ gothic quarter has been so well restored that it feels like you have stepped back in time (or onto a film set) as you amble around its warren of stone streets. We visited in the evening and practically had the entire place to ourselves!



Climb up Castell de Begur

Although only its foundations remain, climbing up to Begur’s Castle is a must whilst visiting the town. The walk is fairly short, but like a lot of the town, it is steep. The 360 degree views from the top span for miles, covering the entire town, the shimmering ocean and across to distant mountains, including the Pyrenees.



Take a day trip to Girona

Located between Barcelona and Costa Brava, Girona is just over an hours drive from Begur. Like Pals, it’s another medieval gem worth visiting and is known for its amazing architecture, Old Quarter and was a filming location for Game of Thrones! We visited in the evening and wandered the dimly lit, narrow old streets, whilst bats whizzed above our heads.

Girona Cathedral


Get a taste of Barcelona

Chances are that you will be flying to and from Barcelona to get to Begur, so it would be rude to not slip it into the beginning or end of your itinerary, no matter how little time you have. For some inspiration of what to see and do in Barcelona, check out my blog posts: How to Spend 4 Days in Barcelona and Where I Ate: Vegan in Barcelona.


Huge thank you to James for being a wonderful host, knowledgeable tour guide and great company.

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