Hiking the Müllerthal Trail in Luxembourg

Müllerthal Trail map

The Müllerthal Trail in Luxembourg comprises of three routes (Route 1, 2 and 3). They are either hiked separately or connected to create a 112km (70 mile) long stretch.

Like the Appalachian Trail, the Müllerthal Trail has a distinct marker to guide you along its twists and turns.

Mullerthal Trail symbol on tree

Myself and my friend Eric made a plan to hike a 20 mile section over two days. It would encompass all three routes and give me a taste of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland.

Müllerthal Trail: Day 1

Donned with our backpacks full of snacks and camping gear, we made our way to Beaufort. This charming little town is home to an 11th century castle with the same name.

Sunlight shining through trees in forest

Our amble took us amongst forests of pine trees, along babbling brooks and beside vast, neat rows of corn. Every so often, we’d stop to pick handfuls of wild blackberries and eat them in the warm afternoon sunshine.

Rows of corn against a blue sky

Handful of wild blackberries

Emerging from the trees onto a wooden boardwalk, we snaked our way towards the crumbling old castle and lake beyond.

Castle ruins

Tranquil lake reflecting surrounding trees

Next, a refreshing glass of orange juice at one of the restaurants in the town, followed by a bite to eat from our snack bags overlooking the shimmering water of the lake.

Girl with backpack standing on stepping stones in river

Crossing the Hallerbach valley, the Haupeschbach brook morphs into the Black Ernz River.

Orange slug on piece of tree bark

Arriving in the town of Müllerthal in the late afternoon, our original plans were to set up camp. But, with Eric’s family living so close, we opted for a bed for the evening instead!

Müllerthal Trail: Day 2

The start of our second day encompassed the Schiessentümpel cascades, which is a picturesque waterfall framed by a stone bridge.

Although early, the place was teeming with tourists. To our amusement, a girl in a white dress lay in the freezing pool beneath the waterfall for a photoshoot!

Stone steps in a forest

Onwards we went, and this time without our camping gear weighing us down. Heading north on route 2 towards Berdorf, the path winds its way through the most incredible rock formations.

A cluster of mushrooms growing out of a log

Lunch in Berdorf was a much needed treat and to my sheer joy, I found a vegan burger on the menu!


Leaving Berdorf with full bellies, we would escape the blazing sunshine for the cool shade of the trees once more. We’d pass the old amphitheatre, which is still used for performances and meander through Wolfsschlucht (the wolves’ canyon).

From the Troosknäppchen viewpoint overlooking Echternach, you can see the Basilica nestled amongst the urban sprawl and surrounded by luscious green farmland and forests.

The town sits in the north-west corner of route 1. It flirts with the German border and is perfectly separated from its neighbour by the River Sauer.

Girl with backpack looking at views of town and hills

There are a variety of experiences along this short section of the Müllerthal Trail. I love the varied terrain, quaint towns and historical sights and I hope to hike the three routes altogether in the future.

For further reading, check out my blog post, How to Spend a Week in Luxembourg. In addition, you can search Visit Luxembourg‘s website for more ideas on what to do in this gorgeous little country!

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