Hey folks! My name is Kate and I’m a twenty-something Manchester based blogger with a penchant for adventure and an aim to live a wholesome, authentic and ethical life.

With that in mind, you’ll mostly see me post about the following topics:


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Having travelled regularly for the past 7 years, I am confident in saying that it has changed my life. I have been opened up to new ideas and experiences, have met an array of people and have learnt a lot about myself along the way.

I rely heavily on the internet for support when planning a new trip. I also love to delve into guide books and stories written by other travellers for inspiration and insight. Here, I share my personal experiences in a hope that I can return the favour.



In a culture saturated by the negative, I grew up finding it increasingly difficult to love myself. I lost sight of who I was and the lines between what I wanted and what I needed were forever blurred. Self love is something I strive to work on everyday.



I struggled with food for over a decade, from over-eating to under-eating and everything in between. I dabbled with different diets but nothing seemed to stick. Becoming vegan has been a game changer.

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  1. Hi nice to virtually meet you 👋 thanks for visiting my blog & I’ll be following yours, I’m just across the Pennines in Huddersfield! Only for now as we’re selling up & hope to travel a little 😊🎈anyway Hi x

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    1. Well hello there!! Thank you so much for dropping by, it’s very nice to virtually meet you too! Aren’t we lucky to have the beautiful Pennines on our front door steps! Oh that sounds incredible exciting! Where are you hoping to travel to? 💛

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      1. Not sure yet 😊 would love to take the boat up York way & see more of the Uk in the camper. Will most certainly be blogging about it though 😃x

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      2. Boat you say… canal boat? Also, you are living the dream with that camper, having one is my ultimate life goal!!! X

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      3. Hard work getting there but yes hopefully living aboard late October 😊 & yes we love Polly our camper x


  2. teabeestrips says:

    Hi Kate, I am so happy to have discovered your blog. I am also living in manchester. We have a lot of things in common like hiking and being vegan.

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    1. Hi there! Lovely to meet a fellow vegan hiker! Your blog looks fab, where are you planning on hiking next? 🙂

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      1. teabeestrips says:

        I think next time will be in Lake District as I am moving soon to live in Cumbria. I will miss Peak District.

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      2. I’m hoping to do the lakes this year too! I’m sure you will have an amazing time, I wish you all the luck with your move!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. teabeestrips says:

        thanks. If you want to go for a hike together in Lake District please tell me.


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